How are you feeling?

I should be thankful right? That I had parents who asked me and not only asked but cared how I felt about things. My day. My classes. School work. Teachers. Friends. Sports. Girls. Jobs. Coworkers. Bosses. They asked me how I felt or how I was doing with everything. 

Im thinking I'd like to stop feeling. Stop expressing how I feel every moment I feel it assuming someone somewhere will care because the truth is as much as my parents thought I was worthy of concern, most of the world doesn't. And I know how that sounds and I don't want your pity even though I know I suffer from humungous bouts of self pity. I have these amazing Gatsby-esque pity parties. Sometimes I even argue with people who aren't there. I pretend they care enough to hate me and disagree with me. But they don't and thats okay.